Our adhesives are used in the manufacture and assembly of components across a diverse range of industrial sectors.

From transport and hygiene to food labelling and packaging, we partner with our customers to innovate high performance adhesives. 

We strive to make your products lighter, safer and more durable. Our expertise goes beyond developing high-performing, multi-purpose adhesives. We work with you to improve your production processes with time and cost-saving solutions, making your operations more efficient, competitive and sustainable.

Paper Converting

Adhesives Manufacturing

Folding boxes, bags, sacks and pouches come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and colors. Our adhesive solutions ensure reliable bonding on all kinds of surfaces and for the entire spectrum of machines and applicators.

We collaborate with our partners like equipment providers and application developers to further improve your processes, line speeds and production efficiency. 

Application Areas

  • Folding boxes
  • Bags, sacks and pouches
  • Board lamination and core winding
  • Corrugated board
  • Paper mill applications

Flexible Packaging

Water Based Adhesive

We have a range of high performance and innovative flexible packaging solutions to meet all your needs.

Our customized solutions provide you with cutting edge packaging technology to meet the most demanding packaging applications.

We partner with our clients to develop high performance, environmentally-friendly water based adhesives that define modern flexible packaging.


We have a range of water based & solvent based pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) for general purpose & specialty labels with excellent process -ability and holding power. Our adhesives provide superior adhesion of labels on glass, PET and metal.


Lamination Adhesive

Bonding is what we know, bonding is what we do. We have a wide range of lamination adhesives for a variety of substrates such as foam, natural and synthetic textiles, PU, PVC, metal foils, etc to form laminates catering a wide gamut of industries such as upholstery, automobiles, apparels and footwear.


Masking Tape Adhesive

We offer multitude chemistries and grades to cater the rapidly growing specialty tapes industry. Our range of pressure sensitive adhesives caters to an array of applications such as

  • Single & Double Sided Foam Tapes with PU foam, PE Foam, XLPE foam, EPDM and Nitrile foam backing.
  • Tissue Tapes.
  • PVC & Polyester Film Tapes.
  • Fabric Tapes.
  • HDPE Tapes.
  • Metal Foil Tapes.
  • Non-woven fabric tapes.

Our growing emphasis is in the field of medical tapes serving application such as Zinc Oxide plaster tapes, diapers, feminine healthcare products and trans-dermal patches .The impetus lay in developing custom solutions by optimizing various performance parameters like tack, adhesion, cohesion, anchoring, etc. to match specific application requirements.

Surface Protection

Surface Protection Adhesive

Surface protection films are designed to protect surfaces from damage due to abrasions, debris, environmental elements, and more. Our adhesives help cater this multitude application industry by providing high quality adhesives in both aqueous and non-aqueous medium which display superior cohesion and anchoring.

Medical, Hygiene and Health Care

Medical Adhesive Tape

Adhesives for Medical, Disposable Hygiene and Nonwovens need to be precise in terms of their performance properties. We work with you to develop products that combine skin friendliness with high adhesion.

Application Areas

  • Medical Tapes
  • Trans dermal patches
  • Disposable Hygiene care products

Contact Adhesives

Contact Adhesives

Esto series cosists of our next generation, high performance synthetic rubber adhesives. It is specialy formulated to have excellent adhesion, High Green strengthand Low VOC.