Medical, Hygiene and Health Care

Adhesives for Medical & Disposable Hygiene

Adhesives for Medical, Disposable Hygiene and Nonwovens need to be precise in terms of their performance properties. We work with you to develop products that combine skin friendliness with high adhesion.

Application Areas

  • Medical Tapes
  • Trans dermal patches
  • Disposable Hygiene care products

Estocryl 7046

Estocryl 7046 is high cohesion zinc oxide adhesive for manufacturing of self adhesive crepe bandage and medical plaster tapes. The adhesive does not leave any residue on skin.

Estocryl 7019

Estocryl 7019 is a solvent based adhesive used in the manufacture of transdermal patches.

Esterbond LM 7099

Esterbond LM 7099 is a water based construction adhesive used in the manufacture of disposable hygiene care products.