Paint Additives & Binders

Paint Additives & Binders


Anti-settling Agents & Dispersing Agents

We present anti-settling and/or dispersing agents to assist paint and pigment dispersion manufacturers produce stabilized emulsions and dispersion solutions. Our range of anti-settling agents, with high surface activity, helps readily suspend inorganic solids such as Zinc Oxide, Clays, Iron Oxide, etc. in both oil and water based paint formulations.

  • ANTISET 117

    ANTISET 117 : is water soluble anti-settling agent for water based paints. It is a balanced mixture of anionic & non-ionic compounds. It is particularly recommended for heavy pigments such as Iron oxides, Red lead and Barytes etc. Antiset 117 keeps these pigments in suspension because of its high surface activity. Either sedimentation will not take place or if at all it takes place it can be stirred back in to suspension easily.


    PAINTACRYL 850 : is a dispersant with excellent dispersing property. It is very effective dispersant for inorganic pigments and clays in aqueous system. Paintacryl 850 is a very useful, where inorganic solid such as Zinc Oxide, basic lead silicates; clays etc. are required to be dispersed. It does not disperse organic solids like organic dyestuffs, pigments, carbon blacks etc.

De-foaming agents

To aid in better processing and performance, we at Ester provide a series of silicone and non-silicone based de-foaming additives for latexes. These additive are required in low dosage, contributes to improvement in brushability and nil effect on performance of the paint film.


    ESTOSIL SD 29 is silicone-based product used extensively in a wide variety of Industrial batch processing applications. It is used in very small percentage where foaming creates intensive problems especially where aqueous systems are followed. Addition of Estosil SD 29 prevents formation of foam and if the foam is formed then it is eliminated in seconds.


    ESTOFOAM NX 300 : ESTOFOAM NX 300 is a non-silicon liquid deformer recommended for use in latex paint systems based on Butadiene-Styrene, Acrylic and Polyvinyl Acetate emulsions.


Specialty emulsifiers, from Ester, simultaneously provide wetting, scouring and dispersing ability. Some of the salient features are as listed below

  • Useable with anionics, cationics as well as non- ionics.
  • Emulsifying action is independent of the pH of resultant emulsions.
  • Little or no effect of water quality i.e hard water or soft water.
  • Provides emulsification of Oil in water and Water in Oil type products

The above mentioned attributes renders them employable in a host of industries besides Paint applications such as textiles, construction, paper, leather, metal treatment, etc.


    ESTROSOL ALK is an emulsifying agent for OBD (Oil Bound Distemper). It is a mixture of anionic and non-ionic surface active compounds based on Alkyl-aryl Sulphonate. It forms stable emulsion for both oil in water or water in oil OBD formulation.

Thickeners & Viscosity modifiers

To cater increasing need of rheology modifiers, we at Ester have developed acrylic based viscosity modifiers and thickeners for water based emulsions. These modifiers not only provide consistent stable viscosity over a long duration of time but also exhibit non - flocculating properties thus helping in producing non - creaming, suspension free solutions.

  • Additives for weatherproof exterior paints
  • Paints binders based on styrene acrylates & pure acrylate

    PAINTACRYL VM – 40 : An ammonium poly-acrylate solution which has remarkable thickening and stability effect on synthetic emulsion.


    PAINTACRYL T 60 : An anionic cross-linked acrylic copolymer emulsion which on addition of a base swells greatly and becomes highly viscous. Once neutralized, it cannot be reverted to its original emulsion form by reducing the pH as this would only precipitate the polymer.